We are one of the premier producers of world-class rubber mats for domestic, business, industrial and live stock use. Based in Kottayam, the world’s leading producer of high quality natural rubber, reclaim and carbon black. Our mats are best quality and durable.

The natural rubber used to manufacture our products is from the company’s own rubber estate at Ranny - a natural haven of high yielding rubber. The recycled rubber used for making the mats is thoroughly cleaned and this mixed with natural rubber form a durable, buoyant and long lasting substance. When passed through modern machinery and expert hands they become supreme quality mats.

Our international quality mat comes in various sizes, shapes and colors, to choose from. Tender and soft, they have a firm grip on floors. Delicate yet strong bonded latex is quite durable and has a cushioning effect with a verity of designs, motifs and colors available in Indian fabrics; you can easily decide what to choose for your homes, offices and stables.

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