Advantages For Using Cow Mats

  • Use over existing concrete, natural soil or clay. Mats and runners actually level the surface, ending the days of filling holes or adding dirt All runners and mats are non-porous genuine rubber, and will not absorb or retain moisture or urine. They will not crack under extreme heat or cold.

  • Cushion comfort provides cow knee, hock and udder protection - increases milk, fat and meat production - reduces veterinarian bills. Farmers have often found mats to be the solution to cow foot problems, after unsuccessfully trying foot baths and other remedies.

  • Ideal for show cattle and old cows - many farmers find their old cows will milk longer and get up easier on mats.

  • Easier to clean - no ribs to collect manure - reduces bacteria growth.

  • Saves 80% or more on bedding - reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding - cow mats will quickly pay for themselves.

  • Easy to install, the mats can be cemented in place.